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About Us

a member of the church or a pastorIn the modern life we live, no matter what profession you have or how knowledgeable you are, we are all equal in God’s heart just like our Mother Mary sees us like any loving mother would. God who loves us and Mary Mother of Jesus who cares for us see us for who we are.

Everybody is given the chance to go back to Him and to accept Him in their lives. We want to prepare everyone for the coming of the Lord, to help them examine themselves and assess whether they are ready to face our Lord anytime. We hope to do this by educating everyone willing to listen about applying Marian principles in our everyday lives.

We want to give them confidence and erase their fear. We want them to go return to God’s love and to know the truth behind the mysteries of His kingdom. Our goal therefore is to spread the good, wholesome and undiluted mission of Christ. For all glory and honor is His’ now and forever more.